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Mice & Rat Removal in Lindsay, Peterborough & Orillia

Home and Cottage Pest Control offers rodent control programs which consist of the three Rs:

Eliminate the Reason
Eliminate the Routes
Eliminate the Rodent

This begins with inspections to eliminate possible food sources in and around the home, and determine shelter areas for rodents, and travel and entry routes.

Eliminating the Reason:

Eliminating the reason, or reducing food sources such as bird feeders, garbage, pet food, compost, improperly stored food etc., stresses the rodent population and limits breeding.

Eliminating the Routes:

Eliminate travel ways and hiding areas around a home by removing lumber, woodpiles, clutter and debris etc., and inspecting the exterior for openings and weak spots where mice may gain access within a structure.

Eliminate the Rodent:

Placing snap traps, tin cats, or ketch‐all multi-catch mouse traps are the most common and safest ways to eliminate rodents in a building, if used properly. They should never be placed where animals or children may come in contact with them. Rodenticide in tamper-resistant lockable bait stations to keep bait away from children, livestock, pets and other animals is the most effective way of eliminating rodents in a structure.

Mice & Rats

We will get mice & rats out of your house without any stress!

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