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Effective Bat Exclusion in Lindsay, Peterborough & Orillia


At Home and Cottage Pest Control, we will safely and humanely exclude bats from your home, cottage, business, or any other building that you may be experiencing a bat infestation in. We will ensure proper measures are in place to prevent future bat infiltration. You are the customer and we will do our best to see you are completely satisfied with our service. We stand behind our work and our guarantees with a full two‐year written guarantee for all bat exclusions. 

Bat exclusion begins with an inspection of your home for all main entry/exit points and all potential secondary exit and entry points. We exclude all bats humanely from the structures using one-way vents that allow bats to exit the structure and are unable to re-enter after all other possible openings have been sealed.

When our company performs a bat exclusion on your home or cottage etc., care is taken not to damage the structure such as siding or eaves troughs etc. by using proper standouts for ladders and proper safety equipment that meets occupational health and safety regulations. When we are finished with the bat exclusion, the esthetics of your home or cottage should look the same as it was before we began. 

We have extensive experience providing professional, humane and environmentally responsible bat removal and exclusion services required to keep bats out of your home or cottage.

Wildlife Removal

Home and Cottage Pest Control provides humane legal wildlife removal, exclusion/proofing, repair and wildlife prevention for homes, businesses, cottages and farms.

We humanely remove raccoons, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, opossums, groundhogs, birds and other animals.

No animals are harmed or destroyed in the process; we monitor and inspect all traps at regularly scheduled times to prevent stress to the animal. We provide consultation for wildlife prevention.

Exclusion for Bats & Other Wildlife

We can safely and humanely remove bats and any other intruding wildlife from your property.

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